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APSensing-MRD Pipe Gallery Health Monitoring System

APSensing-MRD Pipe Gallery Health Monitoring System

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APSensing-MRD——Utility Tunnel Monitoring System Overview

“Utility Tunnel” is a urban underground common trench . A tunnel will be built in the urban underground. It will gather all the engineering pipeline together, such as electricity、 communication、 gas、 heating and water supply and drainage. And the tunnel has special access port、 hoisting port and monitoring system to realize unified planning、unified design、unified construction and management.

Classification: The Utility Tunnel can be divided into main line and branch lines according to the role of the pipeline.APSensing-MRD——Classification of Utility Tunnel System

Basic Constitution

The main body of the building: main body、branch lines、pipeline wells、air outlets、brackets, etc.

Subsidiary Facilities:

1、Communication and electric lighting system

2、Fire and third party intrusion detection system(Pipe gallery fire monitoring, Cable temperature online monitoring, Pipeline Leakage Detection, Third party intrusion detection)

3、Drainage and ventilation system

4、Utility Tunnel Monitoring System (equipment and environmental monitoring、video monitoring、security and protection、fire alarming、voice communication、power monitoring and other subsystem.)

Moitoring Object: Ambient temperature and humidity of the pipeline、concentration of harmful gases、ventilation、 Pump status、liquid level of sump pit、 intrusion detection、video and so on.

APSensing-MRD——Inheritance advantages

APSensing-MRD——Authoritative(With the most complete Fire certification in the industry!)



High Precision Optical Encapsulation

Calibration and sealing of the laser welding

Precise positioning of optical module

Micro-optical alignment technology

Optical components package which output from the tail fiber

Packaging and Integration of Laser Chip

German quality · Firm as a rock !

Application Achievement(Actual Installation Case of AP Sensing in Global)

Typical Case

Utility Tunnel Fire Detection in Japanese Chemical Plant  

DTS can quickly detect the fire and accurately detect multiple fire points within a few meters. Even the tunnel is full of smoke and the temperature reaches hundreds of degrees Celsius, the system can still provide the entire tunnel temperature curve while the smoke detector and the camera cannot provide accurate data.

The sensing cable can measure the temperature at least 2hours at 750℃ for functional integrity tests, based on IEC60331-25.

European Tunnel Fire Detection

English Channel Tunnel: the longest subsea tunnel in the world (38 km)

Highest level of passenger safety requirements

Linear type DTS activates and controls fire extinguishing system(SAFE)


Kookmin Bank Bus Line Safety Monitoring 

DTS is the core of the entire temperature monitoring program to monitor the entire bus line cable facilities in the new KB bank headquarters - IDC center building.

Measure 8000 temperature point per 20s through a sensor cable. There is no dead ends of measurement on the entire busbar cable.

The fire can be quickly detected and be accurately located. It can save time for emergency response team to take the effective firefighting operation in the shortest time.

Third Party Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Security DAS

Custom Report

Hidden Danger of Traditional Solutions

The equipment of monitoring system is lack of waterproof performance.

The equipment of monitoring system is not suitable for sealed protective boxes.

The equipment of monitoring system can not meet the requirements of anti-explosion.

The stability of the monitoring system is insufficient.

The linkage of monitoring system and fire systems, equipment is insufficient.

The monitoring of professional pipeline is not comprehensive.

Engineering Project & Technical Support

Experienced engineering specialists can help you complete the project and ensure that the project can run normally for a long time.

Perfect Project Document: overview、Cabinet layout、Wiring diagram/ Interconnection diagram、Product manual、Training Guide (universal or specified according to the project).

Project Integration Plant: Integrate systems and test in the factory to save time on site and reduce risk of the project.

Technical Support Option: online remote technical support、extend warranty、software updates and upgrades、send the standby equipment by express on next working day, to reduce maintenance cost and improve system availability.

APSensing-MRD——Most · Outstanding

Advanced Technology, Excellent Stability, Precision Packaging, Overall Solution.

APSensing-MRD, Pentair, TopSide and AFL integrate advanced technology、experience、unmatched manufacturing process together to provide you with the most comprehensive distributed pipeline monitoring solution on the market!

Pipeline Healthy Monitoring System Solution

Guardian Pipeline Solution

Modular system design, adopt mature and reliable components

System integration and alarm management

Project management

Installation and acceptance


SmartVision Integrated Architecture Software

SmartVision Feature:

SmartVision Database Service

-- Central SQL Express Database

--  Real-time Data Acquisition

-- Alarm and Data Management

-- Operation Mode Windows Service

-- Export as Flat Files

SmartVision Data Analysis and Management

-- Multi-time curve viewing, analysis and statistics

-- Historical Curve, points of Interest historical data viewing

-- Calibration after measuring

-- 2D colorful temperature chart

-- Historical curve playback function

SmartVision Asset Visualization

-- Colorful coded asset visualization

-- Report and analysis

-- Hot spot, alarm status indication

SmartVision Multi-client  Application

-- Support 4 clients at the same time

-- Support synchronous remote data acquisition

-- Permission Assignment for different user

SmartVision Interface

-- Modbus  - IEC 60870-5-104   - DNP3    - OPC

SmartVision  Multi DTS Management

-- Integrate multiple DTS data into a unified platform

Database with strong performance

Support multi-core processors (max. 4)

Support large memory(max. 64 GByte)

Database > 10 Gbyte


Query and Analysis of Historical Data


Comprehensive Status Overview(2D Colorful Temperature Chart)

Asset Visualization(Project Example Diagram)





APSensing-MRD——Most · Effective

Adhering to the thinking mode ofinnovation and ” Out of the Box”

19” Rack-Mount

2UOutdoor Chassis(wall-mounted)




Support 24 channels at most, and the maximum detection range of each channel can reach 50km.


Single sensor (single detector) solution—Accurate detection, and do not need to calibration again after leave the factory.

Support true double-ended measurement—Improve the measurement accuracy, and increase redundancy of the system at the same time.

Adopt laser source with low consumption—Meet IEC 60825:2007 1M

Laser source and control circuit is intrinsic safe—Have ATEX Zone 0 authentication



Multiple detection distances—10km@4KHz,20km@2KHz,40km@1KHz

Support flexible partition and alarm settings—Support infinite alarm partition

With good impact and vibration—Follow IEC 60068-2-6:2007

With good EMC—Tested by EN 61326-1:2013/IEC 61326-1:2012