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Rail Transit-CCTV

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Typical Case-Rail Transit——Video Monitoring CCTV

MRD子午线®—Rail Transit Video Monitoring System Features

1. Access layer has multiple terminal equipments,especially HD camera(IPC). The amount of HD camera in a typical station is over 100;

2. Huge bandwidth demand, average bandwidth of each HD camera is no less than 8Mbps, and the peak bandwidth can be up to 16Mbps;

3. The access distance is different. Some of the distance is within 100m, the other is over the peak distance of network cable;

4. Complex network management, has high management requirement of real-time management monitoring and maintenance;


Industrial Passive Optical Network EPON Features

Out-field all optical fiber transmission, without regard to distance and interference issues, station/car depot/parking lots, adopt dual-node dual-mode structure, and realize hot backup by VRRP between 2 nodes;

Single fiber link supports 128 ways(6~8M) HD cameras at most, node density 3000, supporting elastic expansion;

Industrial heat-resisted design, professional anti-lighting design, fault type recognition based on dying gasp;

Network interface is not landing. Anti-attack penetration, high security, authentication and registration function access, effectively anti-Intrustion;

Less kinds of out-field equipment, low-cost, high reliability, simple construction, easy to install;

Support layer-3 routing、multicast function;

Use star, chain and tree structure, to save fiber resources, single-line cost is lower than ethernet solution;

The core part optical splitter is passive with low failure rate and maintenance-free;

Have detailed MIB library management information to realize real-time montoring manage equipment at all level, and integrate into large management platform;

Mature EPON technology, and meet the standard of international, domestic, industry related software and hardware, with versatility and interoperability;

Video Monitoring EPON Scheme Typical Networking

EPON video monitoring includes ONU、OLT and passive optical splitter.

1. ATS2000 series ONU can access 4/8 ways 10/100M ethernet signal, and providing 1/2 1000M uplink FX.

2.APL4000 series OLT support 48 EPON interface at most, and support 1: 64 splitting ratio and transmission distance up to 20km at most.

3. Each 1000M downlink interface can access 32 ONU. All ONU connected 1000M downlink interface share 1Gbps bandwidth through Time Division Multiplexing.

MRD子午线®—Front Access Industrial ONU

ATS2000 front access industrial ONU


Dual GEPON upper port prevent fiber failure effectively. Switching time is less than 10ms.

4 TX+4 Serial port realize access of all kinds terminal equipments

1 relay output to realize real-time dying gasp.

2-way power supply Connect dual power supply on demand to realize high redundancy.


ATS2000 Industrial ONU equipment is the front part of industrial passive optical network.

Dual PON dual MAC design, firm and flexible networking model. 

ATS2000 adopts “Hand-in-Hand”full-protection reverse high-realiability topology structure, communication link 1+1 protection function and realize less than 10ms protection switching, guarantee reliable operation of the communication system.

EPON Passive Optical Network 

Optical fiber as transmission media, the whole transmission process is passive, reliable and stable operation. Realize single-fiber bidirection high-bandwidth service. Up/downlink can be up to 1.25Gbps.

Providing Multi-service QOS Guarantee

Support ITU-T Y.1291 based QoS mechanism, including tag priority, queue scheduling, traffic regulation, congestion control, buffer management and etc.. The system provides different delay and jitter, assured bandwidth, maximum bandwidth and other SLA parameters based on different users and services. Also support DBA mechanism to distribute and limit speed of each ONU uplink bandwidth.

Advanced Product Architecture 


Product modular design, support multi requirements, redundant power supply, safe and reliable. The product support AC220V、DC18-60V、DC12-36V、DC36-72V. Meet power supply requirements in on-site environmental.

MRD子午线®—Dual-mode Optical Network Core OLT

APL4000 dual-mode Optical Network Core


1.2T Bandwidth, easy to deal with large flow HD video.

Dual master control + dual power supply, to realize uninterrupted operation.

16 hot pluggable service slots, Meet the on-demand configuration and flexible expansion.

Be equipped with 4 10G ports +  48 1G COMBO/PON ports at most Easy to handle with high-density access.


High-density module OLT is the core part of the passive optical Network with 16 service slots.

Support redundant EPON, 10G Network and content switching. Support 48 PON ports/48 1000M COMBO+4 10G ports at most.

Master control engine has seamless switching function for layer-3 routing and layer-2 switching.  And any two ports can establish a self-recovery ring and support multiple independent self-recovery rings.  The switching time is less than 50ms.

Master control engine, power supply and other key modules can be backed up in 1:1 manner.  No interrupt protection system provide the most important guarantee for the high reliability of APL4000.

Follow the CTC standard, automatically discover and be compatible with manufacturers ONU.

MRD子午线®——Product Stability:

1.MTBF—Mean time between failures

Based on SR-332 Algorithm

2.Lifetime—Average Lifetime

Based on the lowest operating parameters @ Operating Temperature Algorithm

3.Design—Details and experience of product design

The difference between air sucking and air blowing of the fan;

The difference between Conductive Oxidation and Spray Lacquer;

The difference between Immersion Gold and Tinplating;

The difference between single-port and multi-port of Network Transformer;

The difference between the lowest bottleneck of capacity and lifetime of electrolytic capacitor;

The difference between insulate and non-isolated power supply;

The difference of Software periodic memory check;