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Safety City Monitoring System

Safety City Monitoring System

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MRD子午线®——Smart City System Overview

Smart City in China is a extra-large comprehensive information management system which is led by the Ministry of Public Security and the purpose is to maintain the social harmony and stability. It cooperates with technical protection system、material protection system、people protection system to meet actual requirements of social security、criminal investigation and disaster prevention.

The main component of Smart City System is the video monitoring system and it can utilize the urban level data exchange platform to realize resource sharing. The hardware part mainly includes front-end camera、middle-end network products (router and switch)、server、back-end DVR/NVR and monitor in the system.


MRD子午线®——Features of Smart City Monitoring System

Meet the environment temperature、 dust-proof and EMC and other harsh requirements in the transportation industry.

Each crossing can be equipped with 1~4 switches with an interval of 100~500 meters.

Aggregation node access the center through cascade or ring networking.

Ring network self-healing, the link recovery time is less than 50ms.

Hierarchical Networking scheme, perfect network management SNMP and friendly web interface.

Supporting POE function to solve the power supply of the last 100 meters.

Small size, compact and flexible, easy to install on site.

MRD子午线®——Typical Topology for Smart City Monitoring System

MRD子午线®——Trend of Smart City Monitoring System

1.Cloud data storage. Multi monitoring points and large amounts of image information, storage time 7×24h, urgent requirement for massive HD video;

2.Diversified network access. With the expansion of smart city construction, the network access methods should be more flexible and low-cost;

3.Using the data intelligently and safely, including trajectory analysis、intelligent object retrieval、face recognition、motion detection technology、video abstraction technology、graphic drawing and layout analysis algorithms and so on;

4.Cluster unified management. It will be a trend that the video monitoring management platform has unified management capability and strong compatibility;

5.Urban environment is different from the environment of standard machine room. It should adopts the network device with high MTBF and high Lifetime to ensure the overall reliability and stability of the system;

Comprehensive Topology for Smart City Monitoring System

Meet the environment temperature、dust-proof and EMC and other harsh requirements.

Supporting Industrial Ethernet Ring Network, the link recovery time is less than 50ms.

Supporting passive optical network, and bus structure and tree structure.

The passive optical network supports hand-in-hand redundant protection mechanism.

Hierarchical Networking scheme, perfect network management SNMP and friendly web interface.

Supporting POE+ to solve the power supply  for HD camera in the last 100 meters.

MRD子午线®——Front-End Accessing Industrial Rail Device

Media Converter(TOM1000 series)

1FX+1TX, 100M/1000M

1FX+2TX, 100M/1000M

Surface mounting



Entry-level Rail Switch(TOM1000 series)

4、8、16 TX + solid optical module



Full gigabit (2FX+8TX)

Full gigabit+POE (2FX+8TX)

Mini(5、8 TX)

General Rail Switch(TCC4100 series)

General (4COMBO+12TX)


General+low-speed data (serial port)

General+firmed (M12/DB9/MD9)


mini+low-speed data (serial port)

MRD子午线®——Dual Mode Optical Network Core Switch

1.4T Backplane bandwidth—Easy to do with high-flow HD video traffic

Redundant configuration of key components(double master control + double power supply)—Completely realize continuous operation.

Equipped with 8 10G and 96 1G/PON ports at most—Easy to handle with high-density access.

8 hot plug service slots—To meet the on-demand configuration and flexible expansion.

TNM7000  Dual-mode Optical Network Core Switch

MRD子午线®——Industrial Ethernet Switch

L3 Switching Function—Avoid Network Storm effectively

Support 4 100M/1000MSFP, 8 Gigabit TX + 4 Serial —Easy Access to Multiple Terminals

Support 4 DI and 4 DO—Restart terminal devices remotely and anti-theft real-time alarm when open the door of cabinet.

Support 1 Sensor Port—Connect the sensor to monitor surroundings according to the requirements.


TCC4100 Industrial Switch

MRD子午线®——Video Monitoring Front-end Access Industrial ONU

Dual GEPON port uplink—Effectively prevent fiber failure and the switching time is less than 10ms.

1 relay output—Real-time dying-gasp.

Equipped with 4TX+4 serial ports—Easy Access to Multiple Terminals

2-way power supply—Connect the 2-way power supply according to the requirements to achieve the high level of redundancy.

ATS2000 Dual GEPON Industrial ONU

MRD子午线®——Product Stability:

1.MTBF—Mean time between failures

Based on SR-332 Algorithm

2.Lifetime—Average Lifetime

Based on the lowest operating parameters @ Operating Temperature Algorithm

3.Design—Details and experience of product design

The difference between air sucking and air blowing of the fan;

The difference between Conductive Oxidation and Spray Lacquer;

The difference between Immersion Gold and Tinplating;

The difference between single-port and multi-port of Network Transformer;

The difference between the lowest bottleneck of capacity and lifetime of electrolytic capacitor;

The difference between insulate and non-isolated power supply;

The difference of Software periodic memory check;