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Fare Collection System

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Case—— Roadway、Bridge、Tunnel

MRD子午线®——Application Case in Transportation Industry

MRD子午线®——Features and Requirements of Fare Collection System

1. Highway fare collection system use multi-level management mechanism. They are center, sub-center, toll station and toll lane;

2. Fare collection system includes semi-automatic fare collection system and electronic toll collection system(ETC).

3. Ensure the security, implementation and reliability of the network composed by toll station computer and toll lane computer. Adopt the industrial switches with high MTBF and high Lifetime to networking.


Topological Graph——Semi-automatic Fare


Topological Graph——Electronic Toll Collection System(ETC)

MRD子午线®——Industrial Ethernet Switch

L3 Switching Function—Avoid Network Storm effectively

Support 4 100M/1000MSFP, 8 Gigabit TX + 4 Serial —Easy Access to Multiple Terminals

Support 4 DI and 4 DO—Restart terminal devices remotely and anti-theft real-time alarm when open the door of cabinet.

Support 1 Sensor Port—Connect the sensor to monitor surroundings according to the requirements.



MRD子午线®——Product Stability:

1.MTBF—Mean time between failures

Based on SR-332 Algorithm

2.Lifetime—Average Lifetime

Based on the lowest operating parameters @ Operating Temperature Algorithm

3.Design—Details and experience of product design

The difference between air sucking and air blowing of the fan;

The difference between Conductive Oxidation and Spray Lacquer;

The difference between Immersion Gold and Tinplating;

The difference between single-port and multi-port of Network Transformer;

The difference between the lowest bottleneck of capacity and lifetime of electrolytic capacitor;

The difference between insulate and non-isolated power supply;

The difference of Software periodic memory check;