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TE Connectivity(TE)

With more than 50 years of leadership, TE Connectivity (TE) is a global company with annual sales of $14 billion, ranking first in the world. The company designs and manufactures approximately 500,000 products that connect and protect the flow of electricity and data in the various products we use every day. TE Connectivity entered China in 1989 and opened its first factory in Shanghai. Currently, TE Connectivity has approximately 38,000 employees in China and has established 16 production sites.

Murata Manufacturing Office

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an electronic component manufacturing plant in Japan. Its headquarters is located in Nagaoka City, Kyoto Prefecture. The company started its business in October 1944 and officially changed its name to Murata Manufacturing in December 1950. The entrepreneur is Murata Akira, and the main commodity is ceramic capacitors, ranking first in the world. Other leading products include power modules, high frequency components, sensors and more. Murata is the world's leading manufacturer of electronic components. Murata's customers are distributed in the fields of industrial control, mobile phones, and automotive electronics. As an upstream electronic component supplier, it is possible to keep abreast of customer needs and set up new products before customers to become the key to the continued growth of Murata's business. The continuous introduction of new products is the source of competitiveness of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the continuous introduction of market demand for products is the guarantee for its performance to maintain growth.


In 1981, Vicor was founded and intellectually developed, produced and sold power conversion components and solutions. In addition to power components, Vicor manufactures and markets complete, configured power supplies, accessory modules, and custom power systems. Vicor's products are mainly used in the military electronics, communications, data processing, industrial control, testing equipment, medical and other industries. All components are produced in an automated production line located in Andover, USA.
Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, Vicor is the first brand of US military power.


Founded in 1969, COSEL is the world's leading power supply manufacturer, producing high-quality, ultra-small AC-DC power supplies, AC-DC converters with advanced technology and high efficiency and ease of use. Noise filter. The company is headquartered in Toyama, Japan, and has established sales branches in Germany, Hong Kong and Shanghai. It has strong capital and design R&D team, leading the leading edge power development technology, with first-class production, testing equipment and professional Japanese local manufacturing technology. To create high-standard, high-quality and low-cost full range of industrial-grade power products for customers. Its high reliability, high power density and sophisticated power supply manufacturing technology are typical representatives of Japanese brand power supplies.

Semtech Corporation

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high quality analog and mixed signal semiconductor  products. The company is committed to providing customers with proprietary solutions and breakthrough technologies in TVS protection, advanced communications, human interface, test and inspection, and wireless and sensing products. The company's integrated circuits (ICs) are widely used in industrial protection, communications, computers, automated inspection equipment, and other commercial applications.


Pulse was founded in the United States in 1956 and is part of the TECHNI TROL Group of Wall Street, New York, based in San Diego, California. Pulse has always been committed to the research, development and production of high-tech products such as network communication equipment. All kinds of electronic semi-finished components, such as network transformers, filters and connectors, are the world's first brands. In order to meet the needs of customers around the world, Pulse has established branches in Ireland, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Turkey, France, Italy and so on. Pulse is the largest international company in the industry. Its product quality and output are the highest in the industry. The company's products are sold all over the world.